3 Problems You Will Never Have Thanks to the 1000L Duro Tanker

Storage tank

Here at Durotank, we offer a wide range of fuel tanks to provide practical solutions to different industries. Our Duro Tankers, in particular, are designed for the convenience and safety of those who need a portable fuel stock. Various industries can benefit from this, especially construction, mining and agriculture industries who have projects in different sites.

Our tanks go beyond Australian Standards for fuel storage and distribution. With our Duro Tanker series, you will never have these problems on your site (or during transportation):

Running out of fuel while working – in a remote area.

Downtime because of lack of fuel is not only troublesome, it is also costly. Our customers’ teams enjoy the benefit of having their own gas station wherever they are stationed. Running out of fuel doesn’t mean running to the nearest gas station or returning to the company static fuel tank. This is a benefit that is crucial for industries that have to work with limited site access.

Having difficulty in transporting the trailer.

The importance of safety and efficiency cannot be stressed enough in industries such as mining, construction and agriculture. Hauling a fuel trailer should not be made difficult for the driver, and mechanisms to contain risks must be in place. Our Duro Tanker is designed to have a low profile with a low centre of gravity. This lessens the risk of the trailer-toppling over when driving over a tilted area. Our double-walled fuel trailers are baffled as well to ensure the stability of liquid during transport.

Being unprepared for spills and other emergencies.

Dealing with fuel requires extra care and extra preparation, especially when transporting fuel across Australia’s rugged terrain. Our trailers are equipped for the harshest conditions, but we’ve set safety features nonetheless so that you are equipped for various situations. With our Duro Tanker, you will always be prepared for spills, fires and other situations. Our Duro Tanker is equipped with a 30L spill kit, a spare wheel, a jockey wheel, a fire extinguisher and a safety wash station.

We offer other portable fuel tanks like the Compact Poly Fuel as well. This is a cost-effective solution for those who require smaller fuel storage. You can also go to our site to view more of our products or contact us for questions, quotes or product guides.

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