3 Ways to Reduce & Avoid Safety Risks When Storing Fuel On Site

Fuel Storage Tanks

Storing fuel on site is a smart and practical approach to reducing costs and maximising operational efficiency and productivity. It is indeed a wise decision, but you must consider the risks and implement precautionary measures.

Durotank understands that where there is fuel, there is a risk, which is why we provide a range of heavy-duty fuel storage tanks to help keep your site and workers safe. No matter how big or small, your worksite needs to be secure, should you decide to store fuel in it.

Here are the things you can do to avoid the risks.

Invest in proper training

Every member of your team should know how to handle and secure hazardous substances, such as fuel. Make sure your workers have sufficient knowledge and training to ensure maximum safety in your worksite.

Keep the “spark” away

Keep all sources of spark or flames away from your fuel storage area. Implement a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy within your worksite to avoid any risk of fire and explosion. It can take only a single mistake to blow everything away, so better take these pieces of advice seriously.

Use only the highest quality containers or tanks

Whether you are operating a construction, excavation, manufacturing or mining site, fuel is essential for your operation. As such, you must use only plastic or metal tanks and containers that comply with Australian Standards of quality and safety.

According to Safe Work Australia, these containers must:

  • Be in good condition
  • Be correctly labelled
  • Have a secure and leak-proof closure
  • Be capable of being properly secured and refilled with the same product
  • Comply with AS/NZS 2906:2001 Fuel Containers

As a trusted storage tank manufacturer, Durotank focuses on the quality, safety and durability of our products. We want only the best for our clients, which is why we design the toughest products that will meet the requirements of your application.

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