COVID-19: Gvt Asset Write-Off Increased to $150k

How the latest Government announcement will impact your business during COVID-19. Now is the best time to stock up on fuel (while it’s cheap!) and you can make the most of the new Government incentive to do so. With a lot of uncertainty going on at the moment, you might have heard that the Australian […]

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2018 EOFYS – ends June 30

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Storage tank

3 Problems You Will Never Have Thanks to the 1000L Duro Tanker

Here at Durotank, we offer a wide range of fuel tanks to provide practical solutions to different industries. Our Duro Tankers, in particular, are designed for the convenience and safety of those who need a portable fuel stock. Various industries can benefit from this, especially construction, mining and agriculture industries who have projects in different […]

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Storage Tank

The DS080 – 80,000L Duro Static Tank and Its Maintenance

The DS080 – 80,000L Duro Static Tank is designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards, and are equipped with safety features such as a safe access platform, lockable fill point, and overfill protection valve. The 80,000L Duro Static Tank, like all Durotank products, is engineered to meet demanding industrial requirements and rigid quality standards. Our […]

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Fuel Storage Tanks

Standard Cube 5000L: The Cost-Efficient Tank for Fuel Storage

Exercising extra care is necessary when dealing with fuel. In fact, fuel should be handled according to particular storage and shipping methods to avoid unnecessary accidents. With our Standard Cube 5000L, Durotank presents the solution that companies need to keep their fuel safe from the elements. Space-Efficiency and Enhanced Protection Similar to our other range […]

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Fuel Storage Tanks

3 Ways to Reduce & Avoid Safety Risks When Storing Fuel On Site

Storing fuel on site is a smart and practical approach to reducing costs and maximising operational efficiency and productivity. It is indeed a wise decision, but you must consider the risks and implement precautionary measures. Durotank understands that where there is fuel, there is a risk, which is why we provide a range of heavy-duty […]

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Old and New Tanks

Trade-In your Old Tank

LOOKING TO UPGRADE? Does your existing tank meet Australian Standards? DuroTank are offering the option of trading in your old fuel tank with the replacement of a BRAND NEW Self Bunded or Single Wall Fuel Tank. Trade-in Advantages Excellent Trade-In Prices Immediate Delivery Custom Builds Available First Class Customer Service New Product Warranty Make an […]

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Dt Series Fuel Trailer

Self Bunded DuroTanker – Market Leading Fuel Trailer

Durotank are committed to providing THE most quality fuel storage equipment on the market.  When it comes to the self bunded fuel trailers we’ve got this nailed! So, what makes the fuel trailers the markets leaders? Here are some of the reasons: Manufactured in Australia – Because we manufacture locally, we oversee the construction of […]

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Bunded Fuel Trailers 1000L

Most requested product finally here

Our latest Australian-designed and Australian-manufactured fuel storage solution is the 1000L Duro Tanker…

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Bunded Fuel Trailers

New 1,000L Duro Tanker from DuroTank

DuroTank has recently developed a new 1,000L Capacity Fuel Storage Trailer. providing the best of capacity, manoeuvrability, towing, fuel efficiency and naturally it has that same Australian-tough superior quality that you’ve come to expect from Durotank…

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Static Fuel Tanks

North West Rail Link Project, NSW

It’s one of the most important transportation projects in New South Wales today. Imagine rapid transit trains running out of Sydney every 4 minutes. The North West Rail Link is a massive undertaking that is already creating thousands of new jobs….

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Follow Us Linkedin

Now on Linkedin – Stay in Touch

Durotank is on LinkedIn! Bringing our information to you through LinkedIn for ease of access to our company news. We invite you to connect with us through LinkedIn and you will receive…

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