The DS080 – 80,000L Duro Static Tank and Its Maintenance

Storage Tank

The DS080 – 80,000L Duro Static Tank is designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards, and are equipped with safety features such as a safe access platform, lockable fill point, and overfill protection valve.

The 80,000L Duro Static Tank, like all Durotank products, is engineered to meet demanding industrial requirements and rigid quality standards. Our tanks require minimal maintenance and can be used by mining companies, generator manufacturers, civil construction companies, fuel suppliers, and earth moving companies.

Durotanks are built to last, but all equipment needs even the minimal care. So here are some reminders for the basic maintenance of tanks to keep your workplace safe, and to save you from a hefty bill.

Regularly dip your tanks.

Dipping your tanks helps you monitor possible leaks. If there are discrepancies in the amount you use and the fuel left in your tank, you would know that you are losing fuel. The sooner you can rule out that it is not due to leaks, the sooner you can determine if there are occurrences of theft or if your dispensing system has to be recalibrated.

Check for water and pollutants.

Your tank can incur serious damage if water gets into your fuel supply. Water contamination can cause cracked components or blown injectors. Also, if you are a fuel retailer, a damaged reputation is not easily repaired. You can test for water with a water finding paste. Microbes can be detected with a fuel sampling kit.

Regularly clean your tanks.

With industrial hoses and automated pumps, cleaning our tanks becomes a simple procedure. Simply put a hose in the tank, making sure that the hose touches the bottom. Using a pump kit, remove all fuel and water.

With these simple tips, your tanks will last longer, and your workplace will be safer. To find out more about how you can keep your workplace safe and efficient with our storage facilities, talk to our friendly and professional sales team today. With products like the portable diesel tank for small mobile storage needs, our range of products meets a wide array of needs.

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