Efficient and High-Quality Fuel Storage with the 3000L Standard Cube

3000L Standard Cube

For many industries, fuel is essential in keeping operations running smoothly. It powers machinery, generates electricity and produces steam for industrial applications. In short: businesses need fuel to achieve success.

Fuel also requires excellent storage. In fact, you need a storage system that can meet your expectations or, better yet, exceed them. Dependable fuel storage is worth the investment as long as it promises outstanding performance and durability.

Our team at Durotank is committed to delivering fuel storage equipment that is built to last. We have spent years researching and inventing products that uphold safety, serviceability and quality. Get to know our Standard Cube 3000L tank, your future partner in fuel handling.

Beyond the Standard

Our Standard Cube range in 3000L has the qualities you need to ensure you keep your storage well. They weigh 1200 Kg and have 2400 x 1200 x 1400mm measurements. They are reliable self-bunded fuel tanks that are designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards. Each tank has a capacity of 110% of fuel volume and powder-coated double walls to ensure a durable surface finish.

There’s no need to worry about proper storage measurements – calibrated dipsticks that come with every Standard Cube indicates a safe fill level. A manway access to the inner tanks makes it easier for workers to fill them up with fuel. For faster fills, provisions are also provided.

Be sure to utilise the safety signage of the tanks to prevent accidents and injuries from mishandling. If you need instructions regarding the safe use of our tanks, feel free to let us know your requirements.

Optional Features from Durotank

Durotank has a wide range of additional safety and mobility components apart from our Standard Cubes, which includes:

  • Solar panel and battery
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Towable skid frame
  • 50L spill kit
  • Tank level gauge

Don’t hesitate to talk to us. Our workforce is comprised of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who embody our passion for fuel storage solutions. Browse through our website to learn more about the Standard Cube or call us on 1300 829 802 for more details.

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