Standard Cube 5000L: The Cost-Efficient Tank for Fuel Storage

Fuel Storage Tanks

Exercising extra care is necessary when dealing with fuel. In fact, fuel should be handled according to particular storage and shipping methods to avoid unnecessary accidents. With our Standard Cube 5000L, Durotank presents the solution that companies need to keep their fuel safe from the elements.

Space-Efficiency and Enhanced Protection

Similar to our other range of tanks, the Standard Cube 5000L under the SC Series is designed and manufactured according to Australia’s high standards. It is one of our most cost-effective and reliable bunded fuel tanks. It does not compromise quality.

The Standard Cube 5000L tanks are fully self-bunded and boast of a 110% inner tank capacity for maximised storage space, making it a robust carrier for fuel. Their powder-coated durable surface finish requires minimal maintenance and helps the exterior withstand trauma or harsh environments.

With a manway access to the inner tank, filling it up with fuel is easy to do. The tank’s built-in calibrated dipstick indicates a safe fill level and ensures the proper storage measurements.

If you have special requirements, Durotank may custom build the tank for you.

Specifications and Features

A Standard Cube 5000L tank has a dimension of 2400 x 2000 x 1400mm and a weight of 1500Kg. Durotank also offers solar panels with batteries, spill grates, tank level gauges and filter flow meters as additional features to the tank for improved efficiency and safety.

Other optional features of the tanks include:

  • 12v, 24v or 240v pump

  • 10m retractable heavy-duty hose reel

  • 50L spill kit

  • Towable skid frame

Our team at Durotank is known to have rapid response rates and a highly professional approach to addressing your concerns. We have a passion that drives us to success.

For more information about our fuel storage and mobile fuel tanks, visit Durotank at

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