Two of Durotank’s Portable Diesel Storage Solutions

Portable Diesel Tank

When it comes to fuel storage and transport, Durotank is an industry expert. Years of experience in manufacturing and testing has enabled us to produce products that exceed Australian standards and our customers’ expectations.

We have various lines for mobile diesel storage that cater for different industry needs. Here are two of the lines created by Durotank’s Development Team with safety, quality, and serviceability in mind. Like all Durotank products, they have a smart appearance to boot.

For Complete Mobility: Compact Poly Fuel Tanks

Our compact poly fuel tanks are small and spill-proof, giving users complete ease in transport. These compact tanks’ have a holding capacity range from 100L to 1,200L. They do not require any specialised equipment and can easily be mounted on trailers or Utes.   Strong durable and maintenance free, they are the perfect cost-effective solutions for the construction and industrial sectors. You can safely and easily top up your equipment and plant as this product comes with a 6m delivery hose and a ¾” auto shut off nozzle.

For Proficient Fuel Transport: Durotank Trailers

The Durotank trailers or Duro Tankers merge fuel storage and transport technology in a product that comes in style. The trailer is powder coated for an attractive and long-lasting surface finish. Plus, safety signage and reflective tape are placed in strategic places for safety compliance.

The Duro Tanker is self-bunded, preventing leaks and spills, and all the headaches brought by a fuel spill. The trailer is designed for safe fuel transport, complete with baffles to stabilise any sloshing and heavy duty rollover protection. Available in 1,000L to 3,500L capacities, they can handle larger fuel storage and distribution needs.

You can message us for more information on our portable diesel tanks. With Durotank, you are sure to find quality products, excellent customer care and fast lead times. We have highly skilled professionals who are committed to providing service that is second to none. Contact us today.

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